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What's in our pay dirt?

We pride ourselves in sourcing the very best pay dirt.


We take various pay dirt from around the world, from rivers, claims and mines. We mix them together to refine the very best blend we can, in order to make sure your bag is the very best it can be.

Currently we are sourcing our pay dirt from various places like the Yukon (Alaska), Tyndrum (Scotland) and Washington State (USA). We take the elements of each that we like and mix them together, to create what we believe to be the very best pay dirt in the world.

We then add a specified amount of Gold to each bag, along with some gems, black sands and bonus items.

We trade on our reputation. Our mission is to ensure your satisfaction of our pay dirt.

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This pay dirt is sourced from a River in Washington State USA. You will find it quite dark in colour, and has quite a few black sands. It is a lot of fun and we believe you will love it!


A very dusty and orange coloured dirt. It has lumps of dried mud it in which are prime locations to find gold. You will find quite a few gravels, and your water will turn orange quite quickly. We think it is a lot of fun!