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What is in Arun Gold’s new product?

This all about something entertaining and fun to do at home with family and friends. Inclusive of all.

You can gather round and share the container using it to fill with water and pan you Gold and gemstones, use the spoon to spoon small amounts into the seive, use the tweezers to pick out larger pieces, take out the iron filings when you put the iridium magnate in a small plastic bag or cling film and move it over your paydirt, ( This makes it easier to dispose of the iron filings), use one of the four gold pans to pan for your Gold and gemstones, weigh your gold and gemstones with the accurate scales and compare the amount using your unique numbers on the Arun Gold Company website and store your Gold and gemstones in the storage vials in the tin. 
Of course you can put everything back in and do it all over again. Better to keep what you found and buy another bag of paydirt from Arun Gold Company. 

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